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  GEREDIS . It is a non -profit organization founded in 2009 and since then gathers professionals and teachers with extensive professional experience in different fields of geomatics , energy and ICT ( information and communication ) .

 Welcome to our website, as you can see, in GEREDIS we have a great passion for science and technology as well as a strong commitment with the environment, cooperation and development.  Therefore, from GEREDIS we contribute our bit for the progress and advancement of geomatics, energy and ICTs sciences and technologies that allow advancing our societies while preserving the planet..
Juan B., Chairman
The object of the entity is its activity related to R & D , promotion, and dissemination of geomatics sciences , ICT and energy, in any of the areas that they can relate to, and especially the International Development Cooperation , globally engaged with the social sectors of structurally disadvantaged countries and peoples. The entity focuses its developments in the so-called technical cooperation, which aims to enhance the training of human resources in the disadvantaged country and thereby improve their skill levels and production in those fields.
Furthermore GEREDIS provides advice and support to the preparation of proposals and participates in the implementation of projects , promotes training activities and develops technology and R & D tools involving improvements in geomatics sciences, energy and ICT , with its multiple applications in sectors such as Agriculture , Water , Energy, General Industrial , Aerospace , Urban and Spatial Planning , Public Administration , Environmental , and Architectural and historical heritage for example.
GEREDIS is therefore an innovative society, scientific, supportive and diffusing nature.